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The business, run by Sandy and Ross Dawson, is an online retailer of pearl jewellery, and has successfully used pay-per-click to gain new customers for its website (www.
MIVA has two focuses to its business: owning and operating a growing portfolio of consumer destination sites and interest-specific toolbars, through its MIVA Direct division; and running a third-party contextual Pay-Per-Click ad network focused on key vertical sectors, through its MIVA Media division.
Eniro's Pay-Per-Click network includes the company's own web properties as well as a portfolio of third party web publishers.
Additionally, MIVA's Pay-Per-Click ads will be displayed to mobile users who utilize Greenlight Wireless' Skweezer service.
For a limited time, search engine advertisers can identify their own potential pay-per-click advertising cost savings by requesting a free, no obligation automated 90 day AdWords account snapshot analysis at:
is the leading provider of third-party technology and services that help online advertisers, agencies and search providers to better identify pay-per-click fraud.
Under the terms of the extended agreement MIVA will now be displaying both search and content driven Pay-Per-Click Ads across the Max Power and Car websites.
Advertisers whose pay-per-click search advertising campaigns generate less than 100,000 clicks per month can leverage the technology available in the Click Forensics software to track their campaigns for click fraud and click quality free of charge through the Click Fraud Network (www.
Under the terms of the agreement MIVA will deliver content driven Pay-Per-Click Ads across all 12 sites in the Conde Nast Interactive U.
Under the agreements, MIVA Pay-Per-Click Ads will be displayed on the partners' websites.
We are confident that the UK and European markets will find that our proprietary paid search technology has the potential to change the Paid Search landscape and how pay-per-click campaigns are managed.
She most recently served as the business unit leader for KeywordMax, a leading pay-per-click bid management service that she launched in 2003 as a division of Direct Response Technologies, Inc.