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payor (payer)

n. The one who must make payment on a promissory note.

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Ratmono, a military doctor of the army's Strategic Reserve Command (KOSTRAD) elite unit, told Kyodo News at least 9 square km of Paya Cot Trieng have been surrounded by soldiers and there is almost no possibility for GAM members to escape.
Paya said that further progress would enable Elan to leverage a highly focused and cost-advantaged organization, with a foundation to become the world's leading neuroscience company.
Paya has consistently demonstrated exceptional business and leadership acumen in a variety of management roles.
In this case, I went to visit Paya and give him political support.
Paya said, "we will continue providing the appropriate clinical information and scientific data to support the key gastroenterologist relationships we have established in the United States.
Using the latest technoloc gy, y childrh enr and young people will be able to paya for their schoolc lunchesc by placing a thumb or finger on a digital scanner,r giving i securer access to their own w account to be used to paya for food, trips or uniform.
17 (ANI): Suspended Paya Besar Malyasian Indian Congress (MIC) division deputy chief M.
A hiking trip to Sri Paya from Shogran can also be planned.
Oswaldo Paya, angrily responding to Venezuela's minister of foreign affairs, Nicolas Maduro, who said Paya's Varela Project, which seeks democratic change in Cuba, had "little credibility.
SASCO) facility at Paya Lebar airport in Singapore, where the conversion from a passenger jet to a freighter took place.
The tracks Antema Africana, The Mystics, In Paradisum (from the Requiem), Capriccio d'Amore and Paya Paya are by Jenkins himself.
Paya will be based at Elan's South San Francisco campus, with particular focus on and responsibility for leading the company's scientific, clinical and medical initiatives and delivering successful results in these areas.