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For the governmental tariff (SR0.32/kWh), average payback period is between 2.5 to 5 years which means it is extremely feasible for the building owner to replace the existing unit.
Similarly, if the payback period required is not sufficiently long, some projects that have a positive NPV will be rejected.
To evaluate the economic feasibility of CCHP systems applied to a large office building in different regions, annual operation costs and simple payback periods were estimated.
One criterion that financial managers consider when they look at investment decisions is payback period. In the simplest terms, payback period (PP) is the amount of time it takes for an investment to produce enough revenue to cover the cost, after which money is made on the investment.
Various inputs are changed to determine their effects on payback period and cost savings.
The computed values of cost of energy (COE), payback period, net present value (NPV) and benefit cost ratio (BCR) are based on previously listed assumptions Table 4.
The payback period of these measures are less than two years, medium cost measures -- the payback period of these measures are between 2-5 years, invest grade measure -- the payback period of these measures are more than five years.
The company added the facility has a three year payback period which is based on terms and conditions consistent with financing of this nature.
Then search online for "tankless water heater savings calculator." Supplied with details (your energy costs, water use, etc.), an online calculator can estimate your savings and payback period.
One way of reducing the payback period is to have a higher electricity export tariff added an engineer.
The required investments amount to $60 million; the payback period is 6 years.