Payday loan problems

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Country: United States of America
State: New York

I stupidly got involved with a payday loan company back in March 2003 or around then. I was allowing the company to take payments directly from my bank account until I was given counterfeit money order forcing the bank to close my account. I notified the loan company of my situation and asked if could make payments by money order but never received an answer, the last contact I had with them was in Sept. 2005. I got a call from a person claiming to represent the loan company saying that they want to have an arrest warrant put out for me for not paying them back and something about bad checks because the bank would not let them into my account. What, if anything can I do to help myself? I tried to make payment arrangements with this company and they refused citing that I did not keep up the agreement that I originally had. I can get an allotment from my job to pay off the loan or should I wait to see what is going to happen?


They cannot arrest you--they need to sue you, and often they will not do so-
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Newcastle CAB say it has seen a reduction in payday loan problems but chief exec Shona Alexander warns guarantor loans are just as dangerous.
Citizens Advice says it helped with 5,554 payday loan problems in England and Wales between January and March 2015, marking a fall of 45% on the same period in 2014.
Top Tip Dealing with payday loan problems head-on is vital.
Statistics from advice charity Debt Support Trust (, which show the average person contacting them with a payday loan problem owes approximately PS1200, seem to confirm the figures in your email.
Mr Thomas said: "We need to support our soldiers, sailors and their families hit by payday loan problems."
The Money Advice Trust (MAT) said that by last month its National Debtline service was handling one call about payday loan problems every seven minutes that lines were open.
Get in touch with Debtline on 0808 Call the Step Charity on 0800 or visit Citizens Advice boss Gillian Guy said: "It's worrying so many more people are coming to us with payday loan problems, compared to a couple of years ago.
The findings were released as debt charity StepChange said that it expects to have dealt with more than 30,000 people this year who needed help with payday loan problems - almost double the 17,414 people it saw with this type of issue in 2011.
Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, says: "It's worrying that four times more people are coming to us with payday loan problems compared with a couple of years ago.