Paying for leasehold repairs

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Country: United States of America
State: Pennsylvania

I've lived in my apartment for six months. In October, I took my rent payment to my landlords house and she told me that she was filing bankruptcy and that she would be send my security deposit back with a letter. She never did. On October 27th, I called her home, and her phone was shut off. I went to her home and she had moved. I held my rent payment so that when she called because it was late, I could ask her what was going on and for her new address. She never called. I received a letter for a bankruptcy hearing for my landlord, which was on December 8th, but I was unable to attend due to my work schedule. The lady on the 1st floor had to pay for repairs herself due to not being able to get a hold of the landlord. It is now December 21st and I received a letter from my landlord demanding payment of rent. I haven't heard from her in over 2 months. I don't even know if she still owns my building or is the landlord. What should I do? I feel like she is trying to rip me off.


You should pay if you are living there and then sue in small claims if you feel some funds should come back to you--
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