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included six payloads engineered by University of Maryland and Capitol Technology University students.
Lockheed Martin has shaped this technology arena for more than 50 years, producing 176 of these types of payloads.
The TEMPO or Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution payload will measure atmospheric pollution for most of North America and would launch and orbit as a hosted payload on a future commercial satellite.
As a result, the requirements for government and industry related to hosted payloads are converging.
The company has recently demonstrated dual payload operations for both manned and unmanned aircraft.
In July 2009, Boeing announced a four-satellite contract from Intelsat; two of these satellites will incorporate hosted payloads in the UHF band.
Peter Beckett at Laurentian University, who in turn has worked with Supermarine Aircraft in order to develop as efficient and scientifically sound payload mix as possible.
New vibration-suppression control aids extraction of heavy payloads at high speeds and precise movements at the unloading or palletizing position with accuracy to 0.
Astroliner would climb to about 400,000 feet - higher than the X-15 rocket planes flew in the 1960s - then release its own payload of 3,500-pound satellites.
4, a Pegasus XL carried two science payloads into space: the High Energy Transient Experiment (HETE), a suite of instruments intended to search for the source of cosmic gamma-ray bursts, and Satelite de Aplicaciones Cientificas-B, an Argentinean craft designed to study X rays from solar flares.
para]]Radio Frequency Payload Center of Excellence Co-locates Development, Testing & Production[[/para]]
Procurement of hosted payload missions includes a fully-functioning on-orbit hosted payload space and ground system for government-furnished payloads on commercial platforms.