Peace Bond

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Peace Bond

The posting of money in court, as required by a judge or magistrate, by a person who has threatened to commit a breach of the peace.

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peace bond

n. a bond required as part of a court order to guarantee that a person will stay away from another person he/she has threatened or bothered. The bond will be forfeit (given up) if the order is violated, but that is no consolation to a person injured, molested or murdered by the violator. (See: injunction)

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Ghomeshi, who was found not guilty of three counts of sexual assault and one count of choking in 2016, wrote an essay on the New York Review of Books website in which he called the accusations against him "inaccurate stories [with] salacious details taken as truth." "Even if your lips are speaking words of contrition," he went on to write, "your mind is a ferment of petty, selfish fury." Ghomeshi did, in May 2016, sign a peace bond and publicly apologize to his former coworker, Kathryn Borel, who accused him of sexual assault.
Prendergast only spoke when the judge told him to enter into a peace bond, which will come into effect from the day he is released.
While imploring the two leaders to translate the peace bond into action by charging significant others and followers to shun provocative and inflammatory utterances that might constitute threat to the enthronement of the next republic, it emphasised the need for religious leaders and preachers to preach love, peace, tolerance, patriotism, justice, participatory and qualitative governance to their followers and political leaders.
(25) If an individual's exercise of this right threatened the peace, individuals could be disarmed, imprisoned, and forced to provide a peace bond. (26) The American Revolution republicanized the concept of the King's Peace by transmuting it into the people's peace, but the Revolution did not repudiate the centrality of the balancing process used to determine if armed travel violated the peace.
Driver had long publicly declared his sympathy for the Daesh cause and, as a result, had been arrested prior to signing a peace bond to secure his release.
Early this year, he agreed to a court order known as a peace bond that restricted his online and cell phone use.
Driver had not been charged with a crime but in February he was placed on a peace bond, a court order that restricted his movements, required that he stay away from social media and computers and not have contact with Islamic State or similar groups.
They sought a "peace bond" restricting his movements and a judge issued such a peace bond.
The language of the peace bond provisions is vague and archaic in its reference to the oxymoronic concept of "reasonable fears".
Mellon was ordered to enter into a peace bond last week after he admitted drunkenly confronting staff and gardai at Taylors Three Rock pub in Rathfarnham, South Dublin.

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