Peace Bond

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Peace Bond

The posting of money in court, as required by a judge or magistrate, by a person who has threatened to commit a breach of the peace.

peace bond

n. a bond required as part of a court order to guarantee that a person will stay away from another person he/she has threatened or bothered. The bond will be forfeit (given up) if the order is violated, but that is no consolation to a person injured, molested or murdered by the violator. (See: injunction)

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They sought a "peace bond" restricting his movements and a judge issued such a peace bond.
Mellon was ordered to enter into a peace bond last week after he admitted drunkenly confronting staff and gardai at Taylors Three Rock pub in Rathfarnham, South Dublin.
Judge Anthony Halpin placed Harold on a peace bond for 12 months.
Even before he staged his protest, he was convicted of conspiring to" breach the peace" by a jury and was ordered to pay a $1 peace bond and stay away from the Islamic Center and adjacent area in Dearborn for three years.
The story begins with Judge Sterrett taking action on what should have been a fairly straightforward peace bond case.
I did not want that to happen so I wrote a letter to the Crown counsel and asked that they do not pursue the charges if she agreed to a peace bond.
He ordered William McGeehan to sign a peace bond for the next three years in which he was told not to talk to, watch, beset or interfere with John McGeehan, his family, his friends or anyone visiting his brother.
If the abuser breaches the peace bond, he or she can be arrested again.
Once a person had been arrested under this provision, a judge could require the person to enter into a recognizance (bond or promise to appear) or peace bond for up to one year.
Judge David McHugh sentenced Roche, from Rutland Avenue, Crumlin, Dublin, to six months suspended for two years with a EUR500 peace bond and a five year road ban.
Judge Neilan ordered the compensation be paid, imposed an 11-month suspended sentence on Kelly and instructed him to enter a peace bond for five years.
The garda was called back the next day, when Ms Keogh alleged Sharon had broken her window and a peace bond she had entered into.

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