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The reduction in peak pressure over the sFH recorded with the 9 mm liner appeared to have had little effect on the gait characteristics of research subjects.
Testing at static knee flexion angles demonstrated no significant differences in contact area, peak pressure, or center of pressure between the unbraced condition and any of the braced conditions.
The effect is to "equalize" the peak pressure from shot-to-shot, which enabled the engineers in turn to design a semiauto, blowback system with the right timing and inertia.
The Tukey-Kramer comparisons specifically indicated that when any type of cushion was used, peak pressures were consistently lower than rigid support pressures (p < 0.
Using a combination of such seating functions has been shown to reduce peak pressure more than using each individual function alone [4].
Peak pressure in particular is not recommended for use in analysis because of its lack of stability [1].
For every sampled interface pressure frame, the force running through the IT was calculated in the following manner: two peak pressure measurements were marked in the area excluding the thighs, such that the lateral distance between them matched the distance between the IT as measured from the subject's MRI scan (Table) and the sagittal distance was no more than one row of sensors.
Only one spontaneous contraction had a peak pressure higher than that induced with high-current electrical stimulation.
Three subjects (3%) in the BID group, three subjects (3%) in the QID group, and two subjects (1%) in the placebo group met the criterion for a clinically significant rise in IOP, defined as an increase of greater than 10 mmHg from baseline combined with a peak pressure of more than 21 mmHg at any time point during the study period.
Lemag's PREMET XL product is a German-made, electronic hand-held instrument for recording and storing peak pressure from each cylinder of an engine.
With optimal stimulation through a magnetic coil, average IT peak pressure and gradient at peak pressure decreased significantly in five seated participants with SCI.
The plunger design also provides better peak pressure control, so we achieve lower pressure peaks during transfer," says Plank.