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On the contrary, the raise in peak pressure and temperature, due to advanced spark timings, cause an opposite behavior for NO emissions.
Figure 18 displays the dependency of peak pressure from ethanol blend level and start of combustion.
3) 1* peak pressures of the dominant foot and 2* the non-dominant foot; 3* mean pressure of the dominant foot and 4* the non-dominant foot.
The conical structure can have less cushion peak pressure and lower final velocity with proper change of gap.
The start of combustion was observed to have retarded at the equivalence ratios richer than the equivalence ratio corresponding to the maximum peak pressure.
The Peak pressures at baseline, pneumoperitoneum & post pneumoperitoneum which also showed that pressure controlled ventilation was better (Table 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and Fig.
Comparison of static pedobarographic values between the groups Disease duration more than 10 years (Group 1) (n=43) Right Left Forefoot peak pressure 9.
Great--rapid rise to peak pressure which is then virtually maintained until it abruptly falls to 0 done right this gives very good accuracy--you want all powder burnt when the bullet has at least 4" to go in the barrel for best accuracy.
After a 15 minute warm-up (consisting of ankle circles, rises, releves and small jumps), contact area, peak pressure, pressure time integrals, and relevant force values were obtained in each condition over four areas: total foot, forefoot (consisting of the first to fifth metatarsal heads and all toes), midfoot, and hindfoot (heel).
A: For projects in need of blast hazard mitigation, Forefront Blast curtain wall and entry door products are tested to meet blast performance of 6 phi peak pressure at 42 psi-msec impulse.
Generally speaking--and I mean very generally--blackpowder and its substitutes run much lower pressures and have a relatively slow time to peak pressure.
Daimer[R]'s 10115 CP line of antimicrobial steam cleaner machines can attain a peak pressure level of just over 10.