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Asthma patients may experience low peak flow rates before they develop breathing symptoms.
Patients should conduct daily monitoring of their lung function through tools such as peak flow meters, which help to gauge the strength of a patient's lungs for the day and whether the patient will be susceptible to an attack during the day.
In this study, soil and topographic maps of 1:50,000 scales acquired from Watershed Management Organization of Tehran, hydrological data (daily and hourly peak flow of floods) and recorded daily and hourly rainfalls in interior and exterior stations were used.
Figure 1 shows Tracy's weekly asthma medication adherence and peak flow.
1] of less than 80% of predicted value has been associated with poorer outcomes in pregnancy Peak flow measurements correlate with [FEV.
Start by finding your best peak flow while your asthma is under control.
A respiratory therapist measures her peak flow expiratory flow rate.
And those asthmatic children in special education were significantly more likely to be low-income and to have been hospitalized in the previous year and less likely to use a peak flow meter--an asthma medical device--than asthmatic children in the general population.
The SWPPP has three basic components: an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan for the temporary construction period, a Water Quality Control Plan describing the permanent water treatment measures, and a Water Quantity Control Plan describing the permanent peak flow and volume control measures.
Several weeks later, after mill buying prices had moved back up, flow was being described by one Midwestern scrap buyer as "maybe 75 or 80 percent" of a peak flow rate.
After measuring his lung function, nurse Esther Beasley pronounced his peak flow of 540 "excellent".
Free health checks include glucose, peak flow (asthma), and body-mass index screenings.