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Interpretation of the effects of the path coefficients was performed using the Pearson's correlation coefficients, according to LUCIO et al.
246 MetS = metabolic syndrome, WC = waist circumferences, BMI = body mass index, TC = total cholesterol, TG = triglyceride, HDL-C = high density lipoprotein, LDL = low density lipoprotein, VLDL = very low density lipoprotein, HOMA = homeostasis model assessment Table 2: Pearson's correlation coefficient (r) between adiponectin levels and study variables by gender Variables MetS, Men, Women, n = 140 n = 81 n = 59 WC -0.
We determined Pearson's correlation coefficients for the four methods.
Pearson's correlation coefficients showed strong relationship between contact time and adsorption efficiency (values of r were between 0.
28 *** WC (cm) 0 37 *** Values indicate Pearson's correlation coefficient (r).
For this study Pearson's Correlation coefficient (r) has been used to determine the relationship between number of nesting pits and temperature.
n) according to two criteria X and Y) [16], [18] and the character of available data, the method using the Pearson's correlation coefficient appears the most appropriate.
We predicted that the correlation of Test 1 performance vs Post-Test 1 performance would yield values of Pearson's correlation coefficient that are as high or higher than any particular inter-test correlation.
Two types of correlation coefficients are often used in medical research; Pearson's correlation coefficient is a parametric method that is used to quantify the degree of linearity between two continuous variables and Spearman's correlation coefficient is a non-parametric method to quantify the order of rankings between two continuous variables.
Boll weight had low and negative association with lint yield in terms of Pearson's correlation coefficient (PeCC, -0.

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