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All Pearson's correlation coefficients show strong relationship between contact time and sorption efficiency (values of r are equal to ~0.
Pearson's correlation coefficient results indicate strong negative correlations between electoral success and the number of Facebook posts and "likes".
A simple way to estimate confidence interval of a Pearson's correlation coefficient is described in the classic statistical textbook by Douglas Altman5 and is reproduced here.
Thus, computation of Pearson's correlation coefficients (rho) makes sense.
Pearson's correlation coefficient of the WBC count and culture from the distal port had a low correlation.
Pearson's correlation coefficients and tests of significance were calculated.
To determine the strength and direction of the relationships among the variables, Pearson's correlation coefficient was used.
The relationship between femoral anteversion and each kinetic and kinematic variable was assessed using the Pearson's correlation coefficient (SPSS statistical software).
However, the adjusted Pearson's correlation coefficient and both adjusted and unadjusted ICCs for the mean BAC levels were below the good reliability cut-off of .
The simple correlation coefficient bilateral (two-tail) Talent management Organizational Commitment Pearson's correlation coefficient 0.

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