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The trust - whose patron is Prince Charles - said programmes such as Groundforce are threatening the peat bogs by sparking a gardening boom.
Lowland peat bogs have always been a rare habitat in Britain, once covering about 70,000 hectares.
Peat bogs are home to a range of butterflies, dragonflies, birds and unique insect-eating plants, but peat forms very slowly at a rate of just one centimetre every 10 years.
Drier weather means peat bogs dry out and peat is eroded
A BANGOR university expert was yesterday unveiled as a professor of peat bog science.
There are lots of peat bogs in Ireland - so I get plenty of practice.
An estimated 94 per cent of British lowland raised peat bogs has already been lost but the association says it is an important habitat for a variety of birds and insects.
From the peat bogs to the dykes that we still use today, the students learned valuable lessons about how Nova Scotians have employed their resources to make a living, while ensuring they replenish and conserve them for future use.
It could be argued that peat bogs are rarer than the rainforest and that makes this bog hugely important internationally.
Peat bogs are derived entirely from the growth of living plant material.
And now it has announced that it is ahead of schedule, having restored 85 per cent of its sites, including wetlands, meadows, beaches and peat bogs.