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PECK. A measure of capacity, equal to two gallons. Vide Measure.

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said the sparrow; and perching upon the third horse, she began to peck him too.
As for the yellow hen, she continued to peck away at the sand busily, and seemed quite contented with her bill-of-fare.
As in the governing precedence of Peter Piper, alleged to have picked the peck of pickled pepper, it was held physically desirable to have evidence of the existence of the peck of pickled pepper which Peter Piper was alleged to have picked; so, in this case, it was held psychologically important to know why Miss Landless's brother threw a bottle, knife, or fork-or bottle, knife, AND fork-- for the cook had been given to understand it was all three--at Mr.
The ground I had manured and dug up for them was not great; for, as I observed, my seed of each was not above the quantity of half a peck, for I had lost one whole crop by sowing in the dry season.
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper, where's the peck," &c.
According to the Peck Parents' Association, 100 percent of net proceeds went directly to LLS-with the total amount raised far exceeding the Peck Parents' Association's fundraising goals.
The latest round involves O'Dell, who earlier this month sued Hannah Peck, individually and in her role as trustee.
of the issued held by Mr Brian Leonard Peck voting share
With Justin it wasn't difficult to see the raw gifts that he possessed right away," says NYCB ballet master in chief Peter Martins, who named Peck NYCB's resident choreographer this July.
Peck Shaffer, particularizes in public finance, will turn into a division of Dinsmore, and the merged firm is making a finance department as well as restructuring various teams.
Peck Slip Station encompasses a full block front in Lower Manhattan and is located between Pearl and Water streets in the historic South Street Seaport district.
Peck Company as well as our partners at Raytheon," said Steve Greer President and CEO of B.