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The unlawful appropriation, by a depositary of public funds, of the government property entrusted to the care of the depository; the fraudulent diversion to an individual's personal use of money or goods entrusted to that person's care.

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n. misappropriation of public (government) funds or property. (See: misappropriation)

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PECULATION, civil law. The unlawful appropriation by a depositary of public funds, of the property of the government entrusted to his care, to his own use or that of others. Domat, Suppl. au Droit Public, liv. 3, tit. 5.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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[T]he benevolent action of the Government has been checked in a manner which can scarcely afford matter for surprise, when we remember that the character for peculation [i.e.
The poem's interest in peculation and porculation, a word glossed (and perhaps coined) in Henry Cockeram's English Dictionary of 1623 as meaning "a feeding of swine," is layered over an interest in heraldry, the lines punning not only on the boar crest worn by Bacon's servants on their liveries, but aligning this with Bacon's brief period of imprisonment, a frank in this sense being an enclosure for feeding swine (Early Stuart Libels, Miil).
Experience in working within or close to defense industry firms and government acquisition organizations reveals many areas of apparent inefficiency or waste--ill-motivated or poorly qualified personnel, idle resources, deteriorated equipment, bureaucratic busywork, minor peculation, and a host of others.
No evidence exists that bridgemasters before 1630 abused their office or were involved in peculation or patronage.
(62) See GAO, CHEMICAL PECULATION, supra note 9, at 26; see also Applegate, supra note 26, at 315 (noting "elaborate procedures for development, promulgation, and judicial review" of test rules); Lyndon, supra note 30, at 1824 ("TSCA's use of strict rulemaking standards inhibits the very information production the statute was written to encourage."); Wagner, supra note 10, at 632 (describing Section 4 requirements as "a classic Catch-22" situation in which EPA must have some risk information in order to justify testing to determine risk).
The system of peculation, or embezzlement, was not justified by greed but by the broader issues of the constitution after the Glorious Revolution of 1688.
This featured prominently in the anti-Flavian versions which emphasised Vespasian's parsimony, severity and peculation, but this display of popular hostility has been plausibly explained as the consequence of Nero reducing the quantity of corn available to the provincials of Africa in order to make up for what had been lost in the destruction of three hundred grain ships bound for Rome in the previous sailing season.
Mexico's subsequent revolutionary regimes accomplished almost nothing other than to deceive the people, fuel chaos, corrupt society further, and condemn the pitiable people to a decade of blood-letting, which was followed by seven decades of exploitation, peculation, embezzlement, robbery, and political impotence.
"We have brought before you the chief of the tribe, the head of the whole tribe of eastern offenders, a captain general of iniquity, under whom all the fraud, all the peculation, all the tyranny in India are embodied, disciplined, arrayed and paid," Burke thundered in his opening speech.
Starting with Gaston's political appointment to the post--which, Tremblay underlines, is itself a form of corruption--the interaction between the personages progressively reveals the opportunities, through mutual back-scratching and moral blackmail, for graft, peculation, and fraud available to people prepared to work the system to their financial advantage.
S PECULATION that bus operator Stagecoach will hand over its Huddersfield services to Arriva may turn out to be just that ...