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BEIRUT: With a combination of drivers who routinely speed, a lack of pedestrian overpasses and a public that is largely uneducated about road safety, Lebanon has one of the world's worst accident rates for pedestrians.
Crossing that infamous avenue is also friendly to bikers - there are pedestrian overpasses with ramps.
Summary: The Department of Public Works in Ras Al Khaimah is to develop the Old Corniche road, and build four new pedestrian overpasses, and a bridge behind the Cultural Centre.
He called for pedestrian overpasses and tunnels to be turned into attractive sites.
This component will focus on lower cost/high impact improvements although eligible projects could vary from small safety improvements to full pedestrian overpasses if funding is available.
This may be unavoidable across major thoroughfares like Edsa, but particularly in the central business districts (CBDs) and new developments where designers have the opportunity to prioritize people who would rather walk than drive, pedestrian overpasses should be a last resort.
The City Council committee on laws and rules chaired by Councilor Ian Mark Nacaya referred to the City Legal Office and City Mayors Office the offer of Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines to repaint island railings, flyovers and pedestrian overpasses in Cagayan deOro city.
Anti-riot policemen who formed a security line across the Batasang Pambansa-bound lane of Commonwealth Avenue, hid under their shields, while demonstrators huddled under trees on the highway's center island and under pedestrian overpasses.
6) Winter maintenance (snow removal, uszorstnianie and protection against slipperiness), among others sidewalks, separated strings recreation, bus and tram stops, bus terminals and trams, paid parking spaces, parking areas, envelopes, parking spaces, bicycle parking, pedestrian crossings, tunnels, stairs terrain, stairs located in the lane and pedestrian overpasses.
I have repeatedly mentioned before and during the [2013] campaign that the national government helped us in putting up many needed infrastructure projects, like the City College building, pedestrian overpasses, repair of the breached tail dike, all benefiting our people here," Rodriguez said by phone.