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Moscow (Russia) [India], Dec 25 ( ANI ): At least five people died and 15 others were injured on Monday after a bus carrying passengers drove into a pedestrian underpass in the centre of Moscow, near Slaviansky Boulevard metro station.
The Railroad Pedestrian Underpass at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro provides a safe, beautiful passage through the railroad property for students, faculty, and local residents, and also serves as a link for UNCG to their upcoming mixed-use development initiatives along the Lee Street corridor.
A pedestrian underpass connects North and South Halls, which make up West Campus, and offers public walking access between the riverfront and downtown.
A PEDESTRIAN underpass which runs under the West Coast Mainline is to be lit at night after being blighted with anti-social behaviour.
A TEENAGER was shocked to find a handbag with methadone, used syringes and other drug paraphernalia lying in a pedestrian underpass.
The devices were installed in the pedestrian underpass in Foster Street, Stourbridge, to provide reassurance in the case of emergencies.
An LAPD sergeant was wounded Saturday when he was attacked by two men armed with a bottle and a knife in a Ventura Freeway pedestrian underpass in Woodland Hills.
Someone is being followed; someone is not telling the whole truth; footsteps crunch on gravel; the view careers along a lonely pedestrian underpass or through dark trees; an urgent whisper startles in one's ear.
Completed in 2002 was a Pedestrian Underpass and new Entrance Building to compliment the Vehicle Underpass project.
Jernbaneverket Region Sor (a regional unit of the Norwegian rail administration) awarded a NOK21m contract for the construction of a pedestrian underpass at the railway station in Kongsberg.
The first phase calls for a water garden, beach and wetlands, a second carousel, CP station redevelopment and a pedestrian underpass, estimated at more than $10 million.
LEADING players from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra went ``busking'' to celebrate completion of a striking new work of art in the pedestrian underpass at Lime St.