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The Railroad Pedestrian Underpass at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro provides a safe, beautiful passage through the railroad property for students, faculty, and local residents, and also serves as a link for UNCG to their upcoming mixed-use development initiatives along the Lee Street corridor.
Officials said most drowned in rivers of water that rose swiftly Saturday in a pedestrian underpass and an underground car park.
A diversion will be in place for traffic and the pedestrian underpass will remain open during this period.
The partially-sighted OAP was attacked in a pedestrian underpass as he went for a walk to look at daffodils on April 19 last year.
A man has been jailed for three years for attempting to rape a woman in a pedestrian underpass in Abu Dhabi.
WALK ON: A pedestrian underpass on the Gillibrands Industrial Estate GET-UP: A fancy dress party which was held by new town residents COURTAULDS: The factory on the Pimbo Estate was the biggest at the time in June 1969 POINTER: A new sign to herald the future
They crossed tracks to reach the beach festival because they wrongly thought a pedestrian underpass was closed.
A pedestrian underpass connects North and South Halls, which make up West Campus, and offers public walking access between the riverfront and downtown.
A PEDESTRIAN underpass which runs under the West Coast Mainline is to be lit at night after being blighted with anti-social behaviour.
The pedestrian underpass that cuts through Hail Street in downtown Balad is a common playing area for a group of young soccer enthusiasts.