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But despite the council saying it is "sympathetic" to his situation, he has now been stopped from taking his van onto the pedestrianised area.
Dewi Price, 49, a builder from Splott, said: "I've always cycled here and with a pedestrianised city centre I don't think you can go wrong.
At that stage, the pods will be the first fully automated vehicles to be trialled in public pedestrianised areas in the UK.
Not only will the high quality design of these new stalls complement the look of the pedestrianised area, but the products on sale won't be in direct competition with other city centre businesses located nearby.
At that stage, the pods will be the first fully automated vehicles to be trialled on public pedestrianised areas in the UK.
The theory that people will willingly pay to park on the outskirts of the town and walk in to take advantage of pedestrianised shopping and socialising areas, or get a bus, are rather optimistic.
Our aim in introducing the pedestrianised zone has been to encourage more residents to enjoy the vibrant and attractive space in the heart of Bangor city centre.
Joe de Vries of MotorQuoteDirect says, "It's clear that whilst the Liberal Democrats plans have been put forward with good intentions and may work for pedestrianised areas, many drivers who use the roads on a daily basis will consider those plans flawed.
When in the pedestrianised Dr Helen Patterson areas of the town centre, it operates as a "hail and ride" service where its speed is restricted to 5mph.
On pavements or in pedestrianised areas they must make sure they drive on the lowest speed setting, which is effectively walking pace.
IN the heart of the pedestrianised Old Town this recently-renovated one-bed flat with two balconies in a historic building has a rental potential of about pounds 835 a month.
The sleek, serpentine flank defines the edge of a new pedestrianised public square in front of the church and provides a modicum of dignity to the entrance to a motorway underpass that cuts underneath the site.