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Prior to coming to Salt Lake, you'll fill out and submit a pedigree chart.
His interviews contain nuggets of gold, which he leaves largely uninterpreted, such as a white Alston who rolls out his family pedigree chart that traces various family lines back to Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, and Adam and Eve, or two elderly black Alstons who talk about passing for white women in the 1930s, or Macky's father and sister who ponder the lessons of the civil rights movement.
It's useful to have forms to record individual families (parents and children), as well as a descendancy chart (from original ancestors to you) and a pedigree chart (from you to your various lines of ancestors).
Activities including a family pedigree chart, arts and crafts, recipes, an ugliest bug in the world contest, and make-your- own-puns playfully teach the following topics: paintings that tell stories, puns and wordplay, family roots, historical Holland and Victorian London, plagues that changed history, gross science, public speaking for kids, healthy eating kids like, and endangered animals.
Enhanced with a sample family group sheet and a sample pedigree chart, as well as selected bibliographic references and an index, "Finding Indiana Ancestors" is especially recommended to the attention of genealogists and family historians researching their Indiana forebears.