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PEDLARS. Persons who travel about the country with merchandise, for the purpose of selling it. They are obliged under the laws of perhaps all the states to take out licenses, and to conform to the regulations which those laws establish.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The young lady, after listening to the pedlar's explanation, merely seized a moment to smooth her gown and put her curls in order, and then appeared at the tavern door, making a modest signal to be heard.
The pedlar meditated with much fervor on the charms of the young schoolmistress, and swore that Daniel Webster never spoke nor looked so like an angel as Miss Higginbotham, while defending him from the wrathful populace at Parker's Falls.
Making cautious inquiries along the road, the pedlar further learned that Mr.
"I suppose," said the pedlar, throwing back his whiplash, to bring it down like a feather on the mare's flank, "you have not seen anything of old Mr.
The pedlar strained his eyes through the twilight, and could just discern the horseman now far ahead on the village road.
On reaching this point, the pedlar no longer saw the man on horseback, but found himself at the head of the village street, not far from a number of stores and two taverns, clustered round the meeting-house steeple.
The pedlar had never pretended to more courage than befits a man of peaceful occupation, nor could he account for his valor on this awful emergency.
Higginbotham took the pedlar into high favor, sanctioned his addresses to the pretty schoolmistress, and settled his whole property on their children, allowing themselves the interest.
Pedlars and the popular press; itinerant distribution networks in England and the Netherlands 1600-1850.
THE image of Cardiff as one of the premier shopping locations will be damaged if proposals to relax the law on street pedlars are given the green light.
While some people may still cling to a romantic view of pedlars as harmless Del Boy figures the reality is no laughing matter.