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When we deploy a peer-to-peer network application over a mobile ad hoc network routing protocol it faces the problem of routing overhead due to redundant message passing by both of this network.
But peer-to-peer network over mobile ad hoc network using cross layer design has a different strategy from the layered approach.
As in the layered design approach of the peer-to-peer network over mobile ad hoc network, there is a problem of routing overhead due to lack of inter-layer communication.
A peer-to-peer network application is built in NS2 using Gnutella as an overlay network and routing protocol chosen from ad hoc network is AODV.
We used the following performance metrics to evaluate the Peer-to-peer network over Ad hoc network.
Network workload: It shows the workload of peer-to-peer network application in the network.
Figure 4 shows the hit rate of MANET routing protocol under a peer-to-peer network application.
Like LANs, peer-to-peer networks require additional hardware--network adapters, connectors and cables--but the hardware is simpler, easier to install and less expensive (it usually costs between $200 and $400 a node).
Novell's Netware Lite and Artisoft's LANtastic are two of the most popular peer-to-peer networks.
By 2007, wireless ad hoc peer-to-peer networks will be the standard for data networks.
It is also being used in peer-to-peer networks, like instant messaging, meaning there is no central command-and-control.
NugacheA@mm worm is leveraging encrypted peer-to-peer networks to communicate with other infected PCs -- unlike most bot networks, which send communications to compromised PCs through static central command-and-control host PCs.

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