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In contrast, no such pejorative term is applied to the ugly actions of the Israeli war machine when it attempts to wipe out Palestinian society, the only factor that promotes anti-Americanism in the region.
Describing an Indian man's struggle with a cart, Aden uses the colonial term for Indian, which is now a pejorative term.
In the same way that some people today turn their noses up at package holidays, travellers of the 18th century would use the word "touristy" as a pejorative term for those who did not venture off the beaten track.
The famous political treatise by the man whose name is now used as a pejorative term to indicate ruthless behaviour might give him some ideas on how to deal with the likes of his Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who appears to be sharpening their knives to depose him.
Our targets will be the Rafizite [a pejorative term for those who deviate from proper Islam] Shiites in Iran and we will not have mercy on anyone from among the infantry of the Rafizites, be they women, men, old and young, as they do not have mercy on our people
Some are even arguably theologically incorrect, but the word stale is an overtly pejorative term, and its use spoils an otherwise interesting article.
Like the pejorative term from which it derives, Islamofascism means whatever the person deploying it wants it to mean.
The findings section of the proposed Senate bill states, "The pejorative term 'abuse' used in connection with diseases of addiction has the adverse effect of increasing social stigma and personal shame, both of which are so often barriers to an individual's decision to seek treatment.
In their frame of reference, "college boy" is a pejorative term.
He also demonstrates that pastoral, especially for the artists he examines, does not necessarily have to be a pejorative term, linked solely to nostalgia and an idealized world that never really existed.
Dan Quayle and rightwing writer Charles Murray attempted to restigmatize out-of-wedlock births by restoring the old pejorative term "illegitimate.