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Denounced as a "felool" -- a pejorative term used by Egyptians to describe old regime diehards -- Shafiq is abhorred by those who forced Mubarak to quit in February 2011.
Ratner left amid criticism of his use of a pejorative term for gay men in a question-and-answer session at a screening of his action comedy "Tower Heist," which opened last weekend and stars Murphy and Ben Stiller.
However, over there trailer park has become something of a pejorative term.
Use of the pejorative term "spinster" to describe unmarried women, however, may irk keen readers.
Thorncroft Founder Guy Woodall added "From the onset, my wife Sheila and I created Healthy Thirst as non-alcoholic fizzy beverages free from added sugar, artificial flavors and colors and the dreaded e numbers, the word used as a pejorative term for artificial food additives in Europe.
I don't like being called ignorant nor being alluded to as someone who is old enough to know better as though it were a pejorative term.
James Kirchick contends that the term "neoconservatism" has become a pejorative term used against Jews.
Two are so convincing--cucumbrance, pejorative term for an imitation cucumber; apastasy, refusal to eat pasta--that they got past the copy editor, who failed to demand their inclusion in the six-page glossary of Albalogisms, which concludes the text.
Then they took away our livelihood by forbidding us to send fish to Baghdad, under the pretext we were going to sell it to 'Rafida'," a pejorative term used by Sunni extremists to describe Shiite Muslims.
As today's game stresses the three-run home run and extra-base hits, many aspects of scientific baseball take on secondary roles or merit the pejorative term of "small ball.
Today, "bailout" is a pejorative term with most people who are either unaware or ignoring the fact that most, if not all, of the funds will eventually come back to the Treasury and a profit may be made.