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He was arrested under the public order act and was later found to have a pen-knife in his possession.
Corke himself has been stopped on numerous occasions and was only found with a blade twice, one of which was a pen-knife
One of the gang produced a pen-knife and used it to cut the back of her hand.
Georgia will have to play their Euro 2004 qualifier against Russia on April 30 in an empty stadium after Sunderland midfielder Kevin Kilbane was hit by a pen-knife thrown from the crowd.
The new Republic of Ireland boss must have been delighted to have seen the back of Georgia after last Saturday's Euro 2004 qualifier, during which his players were pelted by various objects including a pen-knife and a ball-bearing.
The ref came over with the pen-knife in his hand and there were also a few missiles thrown," he explained Kerr.
KEVIN Kilbane revealed how he was struck on the arm by an open pen-knife during the Republic of Ireland's Euro 2004 qualifying Group 10 victory over Georgia in the Lokomotiv Stadium.
Family trace teenage girl's blades used to help 32 people survive the Titanic tragedy THIS is the amazing pen-knife that saved 32 lives on the Titanic.
A FARMER trapped in a blazing roller machine hacked off his own arm with a pen-knife to escape.
When he was searched by police called by a neighbour they found he had a kitchen knife, torch, pen-knife and a glass hammer.
It was claimed that he threatened other children with the pen-knife at Moldgreen Community Primary School.
Allen also claimed that when his father was trapped in a lift by his foot, he cut it off with a pen-knife.