penal servitude

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I may get a penal servitude for life, but Eonni would be pardoned someday.
Elliot was sentenced to five years penal servitude and Darlington was sentenced to three years penal servitude.
The judge handed him a seven year term of penal servitude.
During this period there were two systems of imprisonment; local prisons held prisoners sentenced to periods of up to two years and the convict prison system held those sentenced to penal servitude for which the minimum term was between three and five years.
There were no previous convictions and Mr Justice Lawrence binding him over for two years warned him that arson might mean penal servitude for life.
31 (Petra) -- Civil judges at the State Security Court sentenced two men to 15 years each in penal servitude after being convicted of criminal conspiracy, possession of drugs and weapons, in what is locally known as the Al Kamaliah case.
December 9, 1914: After prolific Huddersfield burglar George William Dean, 22, was sentenced to three years penal servitude for breaking into the shop of the Lane Dyehouse Industrial Society he told the court: "I will make it my business to go as wrong as ever I can when I come out.
His commanding officer recommended Hunter's death sentence be commuted to 10 years penal servitude.
A petition was put h to the Secretary te for Scotland pleading that the sentence be reduced to penal servitude due to her gender but it was rejected.