Penal statutes

PENAL STATUTES. Those which inflict a penalty for the violation of some of their provisions.
     2. It is a rule of law that such statutes must be construed strictly. 1 Bl. Com. 88; Esp. on Pen. Actions, 1; Rosc. on Conv.; Cro. Jac. 415; 1 Com. Dig. 444; 5 Com. Dig. 360; 1 Kent, Com. 467. They cannot, therefore, be extended by their spirit or equity to other offences than those clearly described and provided for. Paine, R. 32; 6 Cranch, 171.

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In sum, the OMB's accountability duty includes the investigation of impeachable officials for the purpose of (1) recommending, if warranted, the initiation of impeachment; (2) filing civil cases for the recovery of ill-gotten wealth; and/or (3) filing criminal indictments for violation of antigraft and other penal statutes after the impeachable officials shall have served their terms.
258) Admittedly, there were certain respects in which courts treated penal statutes like criminal statutes.
1689 otherwise known as "Decree Increasing the Penalty for Certain Forms of Estafa," and other similar penal statutes that may be enacted by Congress.
The court admitted its helplessness in proceeding further in the case under the existing penal statutes, but appreciated that the offences of match fixing, betting the incidental conduct of players/ bookies in such activities is covered under the Anti- Corruption Code of the BCCI.
European societies became modern and civilized when they replaced these bloody rituals with penal statutes that regarded prisons as "correctional" institutions, or "reformatories," or "penitentiaries," which Foucault warned had their own repressive character.
Insurance policies frequently exclude coverage for violations of penal statutes.
155) Wirt "pointed out distinctions between the two cases--between Courts constituted under the laws of nations and Courts to carry into effect our municipal and penal statutes.
However, unless police carry out thorough investigations that carefully establish a suspect's gang affiliation, thus giving judges the evidence base they need to hand down convictions, the law won't be any more effective than any of the penal statutes already on the books, Arevalo told Diario Mundo.
Penal Statutes Should Be Strictly Construed--Or Not
One class of these were the complaints relating to the grants for the enforcement of penal statutes.
As this example shows, prosecutors cannot always be counted upon to exercise their discretion to remedy over-breadth in penal statutes.
The rule that penal statutes must be strictly construed arose in seventeenth century England when hundreds of crimes were punishable by death, many of which were minor offenses.