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PENCIL. An instrument made of plumbago, black lead, red chalk, or other suitable substance, for writing without ink.
     2. It has been holden that a will written with a pencil, could riot, on this account, be annulled. 1 Phillim. R. 1; 2 Phillim. 173.

References in classic literature ?
Holmes was so charmed with one of them that he insisted on drawing it in his notebook, broke his pencil, had to borrow one from our host and finally borrowed a knife to sharpen his own.
But he persevered for months, at such times as he was able to come to the cabin, until at last by repeated experimenting he found a position in which to hold the pencil that best permitted him to guide and control it, so that at last he could roughly reproduce any of the little bugs.
Betteredge gave his imperfectly-pointed pencil a preliminary lick with his tongue.
And then, "Take the pencil and write under my name, 'I forgive her
I have not a word to say for the bit of old pencil, but the courtplaister might be useful.
One prisoner only set me and my pencil successfully at defiance.
while across the smooth white paper before him his pencil fairly flew--after first drawing one black line through Matthew twenty-third; 13--14 and 23.
Well, this pencil was a lead-pencil, consequently hard; so it marked in black upon the first sheet, and in white upon the second.
A lady was seated at the table with my pencil in her hand, writing in my sketch-book!
It was written in pencil, in a fine but very peculiar handwriting, which was hard to read: it was just like black letter.
Her hands began to drum on the table louder than ever, until Magdalen quieted them by presenting her with a pencil.
A curious collection, not of lead pencils, but of the lead out of lead pencils.