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Overall, 24 % of patients of penile fracture had an associated urethral injury.
1] In Middle East countries, a common cause of penile fracture is self-inflicted injury.
Based on anamnesis and physical examination, a diagnosis of a penile fracture was made clinically.
Out of the remaining 6, 3 patients (with penile fracture injuries with delayed presentation between 3 to 6 weeks) were treated with different surgical technique with longitudinal incision instead of classical circumferential degloving incision of the affected area; their lesions were proximal and felt as a gap which was visualized and the extension of the defect was seen after clot evacuation.
However, penile fracture has a quite distinct clinical presentation.
3] We report a rare case of a penile fracture with bilateral corporeal rupture without urethral involment.
5] Sexual intercourse and penile manipulation are the most common causes of penile fracture.
Even though Adrian Carter of Texas blames the supplement for the incident, three urologists said that penile fractures are most often the result of rough sex.
Penile fractures happen when an erect penis is thrust against a harder object.
Sex outside marriage, and sex that occurs under out-of-the-norm circumstances, may increase the risk of penile fractures, said study researcher said Dr.