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PENNYWEIGHT. A troy weight which weighs twenty-four grains, or one-twentieth part of an ounce. Vide Weights.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The pennyweight, from Old English peningwceg, is a unit of weight equal to 24 grains (i.e., 1/20 troy ounce, ~1.56 grams), and formerly to V240 tower pound (i.e., 22 1/2 grains, ~1.46 grams), which was the actual weight of a silver penny.
It is natural for anyone who has labored tirelessly for years in the pro-life movement to feel a sense of satisfaction that Congress has finally shown an ounce of common sense, a pennyweight of compassion, and a gram of courage.
But now she has been forced to close her Pennyweight Press publishing house because she is going blind.
The couple, who run the Pennyweight pub, in Darlington town centre, had predicted a 2-1 win for their respective countries and Stan had a 100 kroner wager on the match with Ninna's father back in Sweden.
Marion had never dropped a fallen friend and hadn't a pennyweight of New York brutality; had been so loyal to her high school, Evander Childs, in the Bronx, that she'd refused a proffered transfer to the much flossier Hunter College High, near midtown in Manhattan; then insisted on going to City College, like a good Evander graduate, until her older brother leaned on her to accept a scholarship to Barnard.
A pennyweight of silver (24 grains) is 1/20th of an ounce troy and there are 12 ounces to the troy pound, giving the traditional figure of 240d to the pound.
Pennyweight Point, the 5-4 favourite, held a clear lead to the home turn but found nothing once headed and weakened to finish eighth.