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PENSIONER. One who is supported by an allowance at the will of another. It is more usually applied to him who receives an annuity or pension from the government.

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THE great pensioner revolt of 2000 has ended in an historic victory.
They further said that free of charge/optional service for Pensioners adding that utilization of this system is kept optional; and it is the pensioner prerogative to decide if they wish to opt and withdraw their monthly pension through pension Disbursement System developed by NADRA.
Many Coalition ministers have said a family with an income of PS60,000 a year is by no means rich but they claim that a pensioner with an income of just PS7,500 a year is
The Department is proposing to conduct the next such Awareness Programme for Pensioners on October 08,2015 at Ahmedabad Medical Association, AMA House, Opp H.
The articles have used language of Ghost Pensioners which was not mentioned by NBP officials and neither was any amount given.
MORE 260,000 pensioners are failing to claim Housing Benefit - sacrificing PS820 million in total or around PS3,224 each a year, figures have shown.
y l The report found all pensioner couples and single pensioners er ers in Northern Ireland received on average PS400 per week in gross income from 2010-2011, an increase of 13% from 2003-2004.
SINCE the last election we have had the three main political parties all attacking the pensioners, their universal benefits and the regular high pension rise they have received each year.
Well, I fully support his views and I am a 68 year old pensioner who has never applied for a pass.
The average pensioner looks nothing like that and is probably at least as comfortably off as the average citizen.
The pensioner vote massively but it depends on them who they are to vote for," said analyst Vladimir Bozinovski.
IF YOU are over 60, think you can sing and want a chance at Christmas number one with the world famous Chelsea Pensioners then The Singing Pensioner is for you.