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The Minister gave direction that all banks in the country should establish counters for pensioners' facilitation and initiate the process to covert the pensioners to DCS system.
He directed AGPR to expedite perationalization of the relevant technology platforms in order to address the pensioners' grievances and ensure timely disbursement of pensions.
According to cabinet spokesperson Hany Salah, El-Beblawi stated during the Sunday meeting that pensioners' rights are guaranteed by the new constitution and protected by the government, and added that "the pensioners are the only ones who should benefit from their money".
If you wish to join UK Pensioners' Forum in protesting against the Government's decision, log on to www.
There have been many letters of discontent from farepaying passengers regarding pensioners' concessionary travel, but as a pensioner myself I worked all my life and still pay a considerable amount of tax on my two pensions and on my savings, supporting those on benefits.
General secretary of the National Pensioners' Convention Dot Gibson told the group the Government pension increase was 'peanuts'.
It also found that even pension credit, that goes to the poorest pensioners and is uprated in line with average earnings, has not risen sufficiently to match pensioners' inflation.
GWEN JOHNSON is an 80-year-old battler for pensioners' rights in north Warwickshire - and yesterday she travelled to Downing Street.
The pensioners' discount is the first part of a major overhaul of council tax due to be unveiled by Labour this week.
John Berry, 71, from South Shields, secretary of the North-East Pensioners' Association, said: "It's long been our aspiration to get free travel, not just on the buses but on the Metro.
CAMPAIGNERS today started to set down a pensioners' manifesto for the next General Election.
PENSIONERS' groups last night warned that many would refuse to apply for a new government benefit as it was too demeaning to give out personal financial details over the phone.