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PENSIONER. One who is supported by an allowance at the will of another. It is more usually applied to him who receives an annuity or pension from the government.

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David Cameron's, pictured, manifesto prior to the general election was, quoting his own words: "We will honour pensioners' concessionary travel if elected.
Noreen Logan, chairman of Huddersfield and District Pensioners' Association, agreed with Mrs Gibson.
A set of principles is due to be endorsed at the Pensioners' Parliament in Blackpool on May 1820,before being sent to all prospective parliamentary candidates.
The pensioners' convention will gather in Shelton Square, city centre, tomorrow to celebrate 100 years of the state pension and to recruit new members.
Some years ago I wrote to the Pensioners' HQ in London, prior to the national conference, asking that they discuss VAT on utility bills, the essentials of life.
About 200 people took part in the National Pensioners' Convention yesterday to hear three speakers on the issues of pensions, health and transport.
Pensioners' average income from occupational pension schemes fell last year, while the number of elderly people living in poverty rose.
Pensioners' groups reacted with dismay to Gordon Brown's decision not to repeat last year's pounds 200 rebate on council tax for the elderly.
John Berry, 71, from South Shields, secretary of the North-East Pensioners' Association, said: "It's long been our aspiration to get free travel, not just on the buses but on the Metro.
Recently we have heard about a certain bus company telling pensioners to get to the back of the queue until all fare-paying passengers have boarded, quietly omitting that the pensioners' fare has already been paid for by the Scottish Parliament.
PENSIONERS' groups last night warned that many would refuse to apply for a new government benefit as it was too demeaning to give out personal financial details over the phone.
Director General of Age Concern Gordon Lishman welcomed the rises but said: "The challenge is to get cash into pensioners' pockets.