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[Latin, By, through, or by means of.]


prep. from Latin for "by means of" or simply, "by" as in "per day" (by day) or "per capita" (by head).

See: thereby

PER. By. When a writ of entry is sued out against the alienee, or descendant of the original disseisor, it is then said to be brought in the per, because the writ states that the tenant had not the entry but by the original wrong doer. 3 Bl. Com. 181. See Entry, writ of.

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The others have less than one telephone per hundred.
Ten or twelve per cent, Bob says, after expenses are paid.
Haven't you allays told me as there was no getting more nor five per cent?
You can't get more than five per cent with security.
Tom, he'd pay you six or seven per zent, an' get a trifle for himself as well; an' a good-natur'd lady like you 'ud like the feel o' the money better if your nephey took part on it.
Well, she let out thirty pound to a young man in the drapering line, and he laid it out i' Laceham goods, an' a shupercargo o' my acquinetance (not Salt) took 'em out, an' she got her eight per zent fust go off; an' now you can't hold her but she must be sendin' out carguies wi' every ship, till she's gettin' as rich as a Jew.
What will sixty-five per cent of the gate receipts be?
Revenues--Firms combining deconstruction and reuse sales facilities reported greater average annual revenues per organization than organizations with reuse sales only, $430,800 to $383,850 per firm, respectively.
Bibby--who has been monitoring social trends in Canada for 30 years--said that while most observers have assumed that the "Mainliners" (whose numbers dropped to 20 per cent in 2001 from 50 per cent in 1931) have been losing adherents to evangelical groups and increasing secularization, the reality is that "they weren't having enough kids and their immigration pipeline was going dry.
In selected major retail corridors, the ground floor median asking rent was up 26 percent on Madison Avenue to $1000 per square foot.
27, 1994, it did not have a sufficient opportunity to alter its accounting systems to provide for an alternative per-diem allowance paid on a basis other than per mile.
7 per cent of the GDP on health in 2001, falling behind the u.