Per Quod

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Per Quod

[Latin, Whereby.] With respect to a complaint in a civil action, a phrase that prefaces the recital of the consequences of certain acts as a ground of special harm to the plaintiff.

At Common Law, this term acquired two meanings in the law of Defamation: with respect to slander, it signified that proof of special damages was required; in regard to libel, it meant that proof of extrinsic circumstances was required.

Words that are actionable per quod do not furnish a basis for a lawsuit upon their face but are only litigable because of extrinsic facts showing the circumstances under which they were uttered or the damages ensuing to the defamed party therefrom.


Extrinsic Evidence; Libel and Slander.

PER QUOD, pleading. By which; whereby.
     2. When the plaintiff sues for an injury to his relative rights, as for beating his wife, his child,, or his servant, it is usual to lay the injury with a per quod. In such case, after complaining of the injury, say to the wife, the declaration proceeds, "insomuch that the said E F, (the wife,) by means of the premises, then and there became and was sick, sore, lame, and disordered, and so remained and continued for a long space of time, to wit, hitherto, whereby he, the said A B, (the plaintiff,) lost", &c. 2 Chit. Pl. 422; 3 Bl. Com. 140. It seems that the per quod is not traversable. 1 Saund. 298; 1 Ld. Raym. 410; 2 Keb. 607; 1 Saund. 23, note 5.

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Illinois distinguishes between two categories of defamation: per se and per quod.
30) "Illud per quod homines in peccata inducuntur videtur esse non solum peccatum, sed principium peccatorum.
The Amended Complaint accuses one or more of the Defendants of libel per se, libel per quod, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, unfair business practices and violation of California Corporations Code as to the two shareholder plaintiffs.
6 (6:45): "Requiritur enim lumen intellectus agentis, per quod immutabiliter veritatem in rebus mutabilibus cognoscamus, et discernamus ipsas res a similitudinis rerum"; see Bruno, 1991, 2.
34) "Omne igitur quod est post primum ens, cum non sit suum esse, habet esse in aliquo receptum, per quod ipsum esse contrahitur; et sic in quolibet creato aliud est natura rei quae participat ease, et aliud ipsum esse participatum.
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The court ruled that the statements were not libelous per se and did not meet the special damages requirement to be libel per quod.
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