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Per Se

[Latin, In itself.] Simply as such; in its own nature without reference to its relation.

In the law of Defamation, slander per se refers to certain language that is actionable as slander in and of itself without proof of special damages, such as the situation in which a person is falsely accused of having committed a crime. Defamation per se is in contradistinction to defamation per quod, which requires proof of special damages.


Libel and Slander.

per se

(purr say) adj. Latin for "by itself," meaning inherently. Thus, a published writing which falsely accuses another of having a venereal disease or being a convicted felon is "libel per se," without further explanation of the meaning of the statement. (See: libel per se)

per se

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Where is the evidence or charge against the Prime Minister of involvement in the bond scam per say? Is the wording of the NCM so loose and so general because of the lack of specific material against the Prime Minister in regard to the bond scam?
Neither of the two global figures took Maduro's side per say. Nevertheless, the two meetings--together with Tscherrig's arrival in Venezuela--seemed to ruffle feathers on the opposition side, which reacted with characteristic ineptitude.
IST: I wouldn't say it has taken over my life per say, but I use it a lot and enjoy keeping in touch with old friends on it.
"Removing a scholar's name from papers is not degrading per say, but history will remember your ignorance," tweeted TV anchor Liliane Daoud.
For those who are not looking at the next level per say but rather just improving their skating, shooting and passing skills, we have a program that will benefit these players as well.
We prefer the tungsten carbide tooth version versus the BiMetal tooth version, not because of the metal per say, but because of the number of teeth.
These conjure up the image of a whole different kind of society altogether, one based not on liberal values, the market, or the individual, per say, but popular political participation and community life consonant with traditions of republican political theory.
There is no insurance per say on your investment, it is not a fixed deposit investment backed by the central bank.
He maintained that while declaring a divorce there consecutive times has been strongly disliked by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it is not a crime per say.
While this is not a 'cut in output' per say, the Kingdom maintaining production at 9.6mn b/d will result in n effective 'crude export cut' of 200,000b/d cut by the end of the year.
They are not objecting to regulating e-cigarettes per say, but they emphasize that it is important to set them apart from other tobacco products.
"It's not going to change the industry per say but it's going to change the way people search for films," says Morad.