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The overall percentage in the communications sector is increased to 5 per cent, engineers to 50 per cent, technicians 70 per cent, skilled workers\ workers with limited skills to 80 per cent.
This map shows the percentage of each state's total population that claims Hispanic or Latino ancestry.
Employers with 1,000-1,999 employees required a family contribution of just 30 percent, and, not surprisingly, a far greater percentage of their employees elected it (57 percent).
NOTE: Some of the aggregate scores may not equal the combined percentages for the three subjects.
For each of your rotations you should know the side out percentage, the hitting efficiency, and the passing level.
Performing the actual deferral percentage (ADP) test under Sec.
This will decrease the disparity between highly compensated employee and non-highly compensated employee actual contribution percentages and actual deferral percentages.
Sand suppliers control and sell sand based on grain fineness number (GFN), an estimate of the mean sieve size calculated using the percentages of the sand retained on each screen.
The percentages of budgeted man-hours spent monitoring and testifying by size of company as measured by assets and by size of tax staff are shown in Tables QQ and RR in the Appendix.
By the 1950s, the shooters had moved the percentages up to the mid-.400s.
* The benefit percentages increase with increasing service, with full benefits after a specified period of service (30 years, for example).
These standards do not provide quantitative guidelines (appropriate bases and percentages) for calculating materiality.