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I develop perdurance in slight distinction to Povinelli's "endurance.
What about perdurance or endurance with permanent overlap?
Even given other constraints, such as perdurance or pulchritude, god does not seem to value diversity per se.
since perdurance implies institutionalization and repetition, while
If Gilbert adopts the opposite rhythm, it is not only because he prefers a meditative mode, but because he is a harvester, or better, a gleaner of the past, concerned with the disruptions or loops in linear temporality created by its perdurance.
This assault, Kagan points out, starkly demonstrates the perdurance of virulent nationalism and the use of military power to achieve military objectives.
But besides that perdurance over generations by which its expression becomes traditional and its community historical, religion can be historical in the far deeper sense that "there is a personal entrance of God himself [sic] into history, a communication of God to his people, the advent of God's word into the world of religious expression.
But the dictates of reason must be followed, space must be carved out to admit the perdurance of our human love, and something, to coin a phrase, has to be done.
The search for authentic spirituality in modern Russian philosophy; the perdurance of Solov'ev's ideal.
But not just time--aspect as well--for that which lets spirit exist historically remains unthought; the continuous aspect or enduring presence of being, the perdurance or Austrag of the concept, its sustained completeness or incompleteness, now and then, sometimes or always--all this remains in the background.
This description of failed negotiation of "color" differences is significant, because in the contrast between the "jungle" sequence and the earlier Eatonville scene, Hurston works in "Colored Me" to question the perdurance of "color" even as an ideological construct.
Put simply, anthropology is born at the moment Descartes secures the perdurance of the cogito as a unified subject over and against everything else that may approach it from 'outside' its horizon.