PEREGRINI, civil law. Under the denomination of peregrini were comprehended all who did not enjoy any capacity of the law, namely, slaves, alien enemies, and such foreigners as belonged to nations with which the Romans bad not established relations. Sav. Dr. Rom. Sec. 66.

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The digs on Holy Island, part of the Peregrini Lindisfarne Community Archaeology project, concentrated on a ridge called The Heugh and uncovered the layout of what could be an early Anglo-Saxon church on the high ground.
Libri un di Matteo Peregrini, Niccolo Tebaldini, Bologna, 1624, pp.
The Latin root of the word pilgrim is peregrini, which means "stranger." We go on pilgrimage to become strangers to all that is familiar, to break out of our routine vision of the world and discover something new.
The Peregrini Lindisfarne Landscape Partnership has been working with Lowick and Holy Island Church of England First Schools, as well as local artist Anna Turnbull on the project.
Esta complejidad en la identificacion de las personas tiene mucho que ver con la politica integradora y transversal de Roma, de su antiguo lema: plurimae gentes, unus populus (muchas naciones, un solo pueblo); en el fondo, convertir a los peregrini en cives Romani.
Contract:as part of the hlf funded peregrini lindisfarne landscape partnership scheme it is proposed to upgrade the reading room in holy island, lindisfarne.
La razon de este tipo de reparto catastral, consistia en que los ciudadanos al ser juridicamente peregrini, no estaban obligados al tributum captis ni al tributum soli.
Regni cives excubant ad salutem eius tuendam, tyranno peregrini ad cives opprimendos.
Ouy reports that Charles visited frequently there with Thomas Wynchelsey, a resident brother and founder of the monastery's library, who reportedly dedicated a copy of his Instructorium providi peregrini to Charles in thanks for having lent him works by Paris theologian Jean Gerson.
In historical scholarship, religious exile is often treated as a catalyst of confessional identity and identification with exclusive minority groups (Pettegree; Schilling, "Peregrini und Schiffchen Gottes" 167-68).
A recent venture was a commission from the Peregrini Lindisfarne Landscape Partnership to run a series of landscape photography workshops.