perfect substitute

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A peach and pumpkin palette is the perfect substitute to a bronzer during winter season to achieve a natural look.
Printed scarves make a perfect substitute to dupattas: This season, save yourself from the trouble of handling a duppatta by switching to printed scarves.
A perfect substitute for lead-coated copper, zinc/tin-zinc coated copper, Terne-coated materials, galvalume and lead, Roofinox Tin-plated (Terne) is available in coil or sheet.
Also, polyisoprene is becoming a perfect substitute for natural rubber in the medical sector, as it provides flexibility and high tensile strength similar to natural rubber, and does not trigger an allergic reaction, and thus has a rapidly growing demand.
But now there is the perfect substitute and it's aquafaba.
However, this is not ideal, because the two standards do differ, and kosher is therefore not a perfect substitute.
While not a perfect substitute for a mother's colostrum, this recipe will deliver lots of energy and some of the antibodies necessary for the newborn lamb to fight disease.
99, both New Look Light denim culottes are the perfect substitute for trousers in hot weather.
Many Clouds' rider Leighton Aspell, the perfect substitute for the injured Liam Treadwell on this day of days, is forced to mount Prince Of Steal at the end of the walkway leading out to the track.
But it means Don Poli's backers place their faith in the hands of wily fox Davy Russell, the perfect substitute after capturing this race on Lord Windermere two years ago.
Currently, election management bodies around the world see Internet voting as a perfect substitute for postal voting; and there is little doubt that the future of elections is digital, he added.
Papait is a perfect substitute for ampalaya fruits and leaves.