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A blast of fireworks began the ceremony, followed by 2,008 drummers playing a fou - a Chinese percussion instrument - in perfect unison.
So the shopper and I can, in perfect unison, roll our eyes together about the know-it-all attitude of the darned young whippersnappers, and choose the right film camera.
We all serve God in some way through our gifts and talents and living in that purpose, the world should work in perfect unison.
This, of course, ensures that each limb set works together in perfect unison and produces an efficient force.
The little creatures are simultaneously flashing in perfect unison over and over again.
These two axes are also equipped with direct drives and are in perfect unison with the three high-speed linear axes.
Throughout the recording, the rhythm section of Pablo "Chino" Nunez, Little Johnny Rivero and George Delgado cook non-stop in perfect unison with the bass tumbao of Ruben Rodriguez.
They twist and turn in perfect unison, constantly snapping up the endless supply of food.
A vast area of rolling hills sliced with valleys and dotted with lakes, the park is the kind of place where life moves in perfect unison with nature.
The corpse is dead, but the rest of us are quite alive and well, thank you, and we all work together in perfect unison.
The synchrony spreads rapidly to larger and larger clumps in the tree -- and within half an hour, the entire swarm acts as a unit, flashing about once every second in nearly perfect unison.