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The largest number of compounds were identified in the oil of Matricaria perforata (84).
suaveolens, and Matricaria perforata was relatively similar; however, the oil of Leucanthemum vulgare was quite different from the other oils studied.
12 Compound Percentage composition Anthemis Matricaria tinctoria perforata [alpha]-Pinene 0.
The bad news about the 1989 rediscovery, from a lichen's view, was that the panhandle's only known C perforata zone has a highway slicing through it.
perforata finally made lichen history in 1993 as the first of its kind to be declared endangered.
perforata was listed, biologists still knew virtually nothing about its life history.
Unlike most lichens, C perforata maintains only a loose grip on any surface.
All Cladonia perforata habitats are subject to significant natural disturbance from high intensity fires or hurricanes.
Fish and Wildlife Service consider this reintroduction project an important element in the long term recovery of Cladonia perforata in northwest Florida.
The remnants of the original larger population of Cladonia perforata appear to be doing well 5 years after Hurricane Opal.
The Air Force's careful attention to Cladonia perforata highlights many elements of a successful endangered species program.