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Composition of the essential oil of the flower heads of Matricaria perforata.
The current paper presents the content and the results of GC-FID and GC-MS analyses of the essential oils of inflorescences of Chamomilla recutita, Chamomilla suaveolens, Anthemis tinctoria, Matricaria perforata, and Leucanthemum vulgare growing in Estonia.
The plant material--samples of herbs of wild-growing Anthemis tinctoria, Matricaria perforata, Leucanthemum vulgare, and Chamomilla suaveolens--was collected in July 2007 from North Estonia (Harjumaa, Virla).
The account moves progressively through the various stages of the mother's grieving, beginning with her lamentation for the physical changes that are wrought upon her son's body, the wounds in his side, the lacerations in his head, his eyes closed in death, and moving on to connect these to his divine qualities: 'rimirava la reverenda testa perforata esser il ricco vaso, ove tutta la sapienza divina e humana era raccolta' (Pianto, p.
One of his subjects is Cladonia perforata, as close as the lichen world gets to having a celebrity.
perforata, that Llano had found on Santa Rosa Island in Florida.
and Matricaria perforata Merat, were the dominant weed species at [Angstrom]s.
insipida, sin embargo, existen trabajos que indican que esta especie no siempre favorece la germinacion de semillas de Ficus Por ejemplo, Righini (2003) observo, en condiciones de laboratorio, que el porcentaje de germinacion de semillas de Ficus perforata consumidas por A.
Germinacion de semillas de Ficus perforata ingeridas por monos aulladores (Alouatta palliata mexicana) y monos arana (Ateles geoffroyi vellerosus).
Tipo de Sexualidad de Sexualidad de espiguilla la flor inferior la flor media triflora I Estaminada Estaminada II Estaminada Perfecta III Neutra Estaminada IV Neutra Neutra V Neutra Perfecta VI Neutra Estaminada Tipo de Sexualidad de la espiguilla flor superior Especies triflora I Perfecta Paspalum glabrinode (1) II Perfecta Anthaenantiopsis perforata var.
In 1993, Cladonia perforata had the distinction of being the first lichen to be placed on the federal endangered species list.
Tales enim nugas in imo scrinii fundo muribus perforatas post annos circite uiginti pro fero in lucem, quales pari tempore absentans, cum domum rediit, Vlixes inuenire potuisset.