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A valuation or an approximation of value by impartial, properly qualified persons; the process of determining the value of an asset or liability, which entails expert opinion rather than express commercial transactions.


noun appraisement, assessment, computation, determination, estimate, estimated value, estimation, evaluation, examination, fixing a price, measurement, quantification, reckoning, setting a price, setting the value, survey, valuation
Associated concepts: appraisal at actual value, appraisal at estimated value, appraisal at market value, appraisal value
See also: account, appreciation, arbitration, assessment, choice, computation, concept, cost, decision, determination, differentiation, discernment, discretion, discrimination, estimate, estimation, expense, face amount, generalization, idea, inspection, judgment, measurement, par, perception, price, proposal, rating, report, review, value, worth
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Moreover, performance appraisal documents help them for making decisions i.e.
They propose that cultural differences must be considered in the performance appraisal process.
A positive result of the performance appraisal can: allocate financial rewards; determine promotion; motivate employees; and achieve cultural change.
Fairness in performance appraisal and sharing of adequate information is believed to create a productive workforce, it signals a supportive environment and generates the perception that organization would provide sufficient job resources when required (Verburg et al., 2017).
Section two of the questionnaire looks on the effectiveness of training programs that are conducted based on outcomes of the Performance appraisal systems.
"Performance Appraisals and Job Satisfaction," The International Journal of Human Resource Management 28(5): 750-774.
Data was collected from the managers of various banks in India regarding their perception of HRD climate, performance appraisal system, employee training, employee empowerment and citizenship behaviors.
Improvement in work is only the tool to create more efficiency and the effectiveness in achieving the goals and the performance appraisal is the tool to make improvement in the work.
It has a controlled vocabulary term, Performance appraisal, which yields 8,847 results.
Findings show that performance appraisal is not uniformly implemented in Romanian public institutions, 61,5% of our respondents perceiving it as an activity that lacks fairness and transparency, which does not contribute to their professional development.
A performance appraisal was defined as the observation and assessment of staff performance against predetermined job-related standards, for the purpose(s) delineated by the hotels.[4] concurred with this definition added that the purpose of a performance appraisal process is the improvement of restaurants performance.

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