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A valuation or an approximation of value by impartial, properly qualified persons; the process of determining the value of an asset or liability, which entails expert opinion rather than express commercial transactions.


noun appraisement, assessment, computation, determination, estimate, estimated value, estimation, evaluation, examination, fixing a price, measurement, quantification, reckoning, setting a price, setting the value, survey, valuation
Associated concepts: appraisal at actual value, appraisal at estimated value, appraisal at market value, appraisal value
See also: account, appreciation, arbitration, assessment, choice, computation, concept, cost, decision, determination, differentiation, discernment, discretion, discrimination, estimate, estimation, expense, face amount, generalization, idea, inspection, judgment, measurement, par, perception, price, proposal, rating, report, review, value, worth
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Determining the scope of the performance appraisal system:
It means that all the variables of performance appraisal reactions are positively and strongly related with one another (Table 4).
2000) defines Effective Performance Appraisal System as the formal, systematic assessment of how well employees are performing in their jobs in relation to established standards, including communication of that assessment to the employee and the organization.
1978) reported that performance appraisal interviews can be examined along several dimensions: level of subordinate participation, attitude of the superior, mutual goal setting, existence of criticism, and degree of subordinate involvement.
Highly unique and individualized jobs do exist that have no interaction or dependence on other jobs, but these rare positions generally escape the formal performance appraisal process.
It appears that many evaluatees feel uncomfortable because they have little or no opportunity to influence the process of performance appraisal (Fletcher, 2001; Wilson, 1991; Eichel & Bender, 1984; Grote, 1996).
In conclusion, the model of performance appraisal applicable for civil servants working in the public administration of Romania requires further improvement, as proposed above.
com, the Middle East's number one job site, has revealed a trend towards inadequate and irrelevant performance appraisals in the region's workplaces, following a series of polls carried out on employees across the Middle East.
What's more the polls found, 43% said that performance appraisals served no purpose, compared to 35% of respondents who thought that their company's system was effective, while 22% believed that some changes in the process were required.
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But when paperwork began to grind their annual employee performance appraisal process to a halt, a healthcare system in New Jersey found it difficult to honor these rewards.

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