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This technology permits one to compare performances in terms of technical skills and personal interpretation, and to examine difficult-to-notate elements of timing and dynamics in detail, such as specifically where and to what extent to ritard or accelerate the tempo.
The MIDI data from the performances were analyzed in terms of expressive timing and dynamics using Logic sequencing software.
Students should be able to use their own performances as reliable guides for efficacy.
Learners also may draw on others' performances to build their own self-efficacy.
Jakob Dylan's ``One Headlight,'' an alternative-rock radio staple, took top honors for best rock performance by a duo or group with vocal, as well as best rock song.
Kelly won three awards, including best R&B song and best R&B male vocal performance for his chart-busting ``I Believe I Can Fly'' from the ``Space Jam'' soundtrack.
It is important for performers to seek methods to deal with the feelings accompanying performance anxiety.
Video- or audiotape practice sessions, reviewing the tape, critiquing the performance.
Several stages were set up for live performances, which cut down on set up time, and the casts of two Broadway shows - ``Riverdance'' and ``Bring in 'da Funk, Bring in 'da Noise'' - utilized the large main stage for a tap-dancing showdown.
Similarly, athletes such as Jack Nicklaus, Michael Jordan and Nancy Kerrigan prepare for performance by "seeing" and "feeling" themselves performing key actions successfully in their "mind's eye.
Students are interrupted frequently, given critical feedback about flawed performances and asked to repeat sections, incorporating their teachers' feedback.
Performance measures allow employees to see clearly what management cares about and the results it wants.