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The New Zealand study was not powered to detect differences between place of birth and perinatal mortality but did report on Apgars of less than 7 at five minutes and admission to NICU (Table 5).
Preventable risk factors of perinatal mortality in Nepal, D.
What factors predict differences in infant and perinatal mortality in primary care trusts in England?
Neilson found that ultrasound does not result in reduction of perinatal mortality or morbidity rates.
In less than two years, perinatal mortality declined by a statistically significant 22 percent (from 81.
Perinatal mortality in West Germany following atmospheric nuclear tests.
Racial disparities in perinatal mortality have been documented for decades.
Some countries that have performed acceptably in the region will now need to devote greater efforts to curbing infant and perinatal mortality while other high mortality nations will need to reinvigorate their basic child survival strategies.
The perinatal mortality rate - the number of stillbirths and deaths in infants less than a week old - nationwide rose last year to 8.
By the 1970S, the perinatal mortality rate in the United States was significantly better than in earlier times, but still worse than the rates of many other countries.
The tritium has been linked to perinatal mortality and leukaemia but more research is needed.
A district-based audit of maternal and perinatal mortality began in 1994 in three provinces of South Kalimantan, indonesia.

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