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From a public health perspective, periodic abstinence is seen as less effective than modern contraceptive methods and concerns have been raised about its contribution to mistimed and unwanted births.
Five women adopted a hormonal method or an IUD before the resumption of sexual intercourse, while three used condoms, and two others practiced periodic abstinence after resuming sex.
In this final section I address the classic question of why the practice of periodic abstinence (or periodic continence) (64) is morally good and consistent with chastity (and thus with the full truth about sexuality and marriage), while contraceptive acts are morally evil and opposed to chastity.
Parents are morally obligated to engage in responsible planning for children, with the recognition that periodic abstinence reveals the sacrifice that is always involved in real love.
Periodic abstinence is practiced by 8 percent of women.
Periodic abstinence teaches the couple--the man specifically--to learn self-control and to see his wife's fertility as a precious gift.
However, four in 10 users depended on periodic abstinence, withdrawal or other traditional methods, which have high failure rates.
As a result, they may more responsibly use and maximize the effectiveness of periodic abstinence and barrier methods.
Individuals can only limit pregnancies by abstinence, periodic abstinence, the faithful use of contraception, or procuring sterilization.