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13) In the present study a standardized Williams periodontal probe was used by a single examiner.
Additionally, our measurements were made with a periodontal probe indicating one millimeter measurement increments vs.
This News Release contains forward-looking information, including statements about plans for the development, clinical evaluation and planned commercialization of the periodontal probe.
Baseline gingival recession height was measured with Williams periodontal probe and grouped as group 1 (3-4mm), group 2 (5-7mm) and group 3 (greater than =8mm).
Probing depth and clinical attachment level were recorded using a Williams periodontal probe at six sites per tooth (mesial, central, and distal; buccally as well as lingually/ palatally) using a customized acrylic stent as a reference to determine the site and angle of measurements, ensuring reproducibility during examinations.
A gingivectomy procedure classically is initiated by marking the deepest point of each pseudopocket on the external gingival wall with a pocket marker or periodontal probe.
Traditionally, investigators have used the periodontal probe to detect the presence and progression of some periodontal diseases, such as chronic periodontitis, by evaluating numerical data and/or clinical signs of inflammation.
3,4) Although the evidence is limited, there is a strong suggestion that use of a periodontal probe for diagnosis and recording of periodontal status in treatment records in general dental practices has yet to achieve the level of a routine and consistent habit.
CAL was measured as the distance from the cemento-enamel junction to the base of periodontal pocket using William's calibrated periodontal probe.
Perio 2000 system (Figure 2) is designed so that it combines the features of a periodontal probe with the detection of volatile sulphur compounds in the periodontal pocket.
Intra- and inter-examiner calibration was done with a a millimetric periodontal probe (PC15 Color UNC, Trinity Ind.

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