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(13) In the present study a standardized Williams periodontal probe was used by a single examiner.
In evaluating the clinical significance of the data, it must be remembered that although means are excellent summary statistics, they do not directly relate to what is measurable with a periodontal probe. Further prospective randomized control studies with larger sample size, longer follow up period, different populations and additional biochemical parameters are needed to substantiate our findings generalize them to other populations of patients with type II diabetes.
Traditionally, investigators have used the periodontal probe to detect the presence and progression of some periodontal diseases, such as chronic periodontitis, by evaluating numerical data and/or clinical signs of inflammation.
(3,4) Although the evidence is limited, there is a strong suggestion that use of a periodontal probe for diagnosis and recording of periodontal status in treatment records in general dental practices has yet to achieve the level of a routine and consistent habit.
CAL was measured as the distance from the cemento-enamel junction to the base of periodontal pocket using William's calibrated periodontal probe. Data thus collected was put to statistical analysis.
Perio 2000 system (Figure 2) is designed so that it combines the features of a periodontal probe with the detection of volatile sulphur compounds in the periodontal pocket.
Intra- and inter-examiner calibration was done with a a millimetric periodontal probe (PC15 Color UNC, Trinity Ind.
Gingival bleeding was determined with periodontal probe by gentle probing of the gingival crevice to assure presence or absence of the bleeding.
Patients were examined under good illumination with the help of mouth mirror, tweezer, and Williams graduated periodontal probe and with the pellets of cotton.
Over 90% believe the greatest advantages of loupes are improved periodontal probe readings and ergonomics; followed by caries detection (70.2%) and decreased muscular pain (69.7%).
(18) In addition, Probing Depth and Clinical Attachment Loss (CAL) were measured on 6 surfaces of all present teeth using a manual periodontal probe (PCPUNC 15 Hu-Friedy Mfg.

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