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"The new peripatetic team will hopefully give us more capacity to do things thatpeople want to see.
The services the DMC offers are vast - not only does the cooperative supply a wide range of peripatetic music lessons to schools across the county, but it also offers creative packages, performing arts workshops and cross-curricular projects.
Chapter 4 argues that the developments and debates found in "Doxography C" (a testimony of Peripatetic ethics preserved in Stobaeus's fifth-century C.E.
To social media's 'bewilderment,' plenty of YouTube users glorified Peripatetic Pandas for his creativity.
Now 3am is launching an urgent appeal to help find Abbey and hubby Peter Crouch's peripatetic pussy.
Chris Hopkinson, 45, who works as a peripatetic music teacher for Durham County Council, wants to finish the Race Across America (RAAM) in under 10 days.
A member of Pakistan's transgender community, the Khusras, plays a slightly fictionalized version of himself in "Noor," the feature debut of peripatetic helming-writing duo Cagla Zencirci and Guillaume Giovanetti.
His theoretical interests include meaning, self, ethics and aesthetics in Anthropological thought; different aspects of religion as such, Islam, including Sufism and fundamentalism, Hinduism, kinship, rituals, concepts of modernity and Western thought and peripatetic societies.
Author DJ Connell's peripatetic lifestyle may be why it is sometimes difficult to fix a national identity to the characters and even the fictional town in which the book is set.
Even if you managed to stay upright, one wonders just what a red stag would think about peripatetic shrubbery.
Columba, founder of Iona, and the peripatetic Columban who carried Irish Christianity beyond Ireland.
What about a peripatetic university offering educational cruises: aboard HMS Ark Royal?