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noun affinity, agnation, ancestry, breed, brethren, brood, children, clan, cognation, common ancessry, consanguinity, derivation, descent, ethnic group, family connection, family relationship, family tie, family tree, filiation, genealogical tree, genealogy, gentility, genus, heredity, heritage, issue, kind, kindred, kinsfolk, kinship, kinsman, kinsmen, kinswoman, line, lineage, nationality, next of kin, offspring, one's people, parentage, pedigree, propinquity, relations, sanguis, stock, strain, ties of family, tribe
Associated concepts: blood heirs, blood issue, blood relatives, full blood, half blood, mixed blood
Foreign phrases: Consanguineus est quasi eodem sannuine natus.A person related by consanguinity is, as it were, one born from the same blood. Pueri sunt de sannuine parentum, sed pater et mater non sunt de sannuine puerorum. Children are of the blood of their parrnts, but the father and mother are not of the blood of their children.
See also: ancestry, bloodline, descent, lineage

BLOOD, kindred. This word, in the law sense, is used to signify relationship, stock, or family; as, of the blood of the ancestor. 1 Roper on Leg. 103; 1 Supp. to Ves. jr. 365. In a more extended sense, it means kindred generally. Bac. Max. Reg. 18.
     2. Brothers and sisters are said to be of the whole blood, (q. v.) if they have the same father and mother of the half blood, (q. v.) if they have only one parent in common. 5 Whart. Rep. 477.

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Moreover, the correct and fast detection of schistocytes/ fragmentocytes (specific red blood cell abnormality) using morphological analysis of the peripheral blood smear is a final essential criterion for the correct diagnosis.
Plasma cells have characteristic morphological features which can be easily identified on peripheral blood & bone marrow examination.
Currently, about 75% of unrelated donor transplants are done using stem cells that are collected from the peripheral blood of donors.
The peripheral blood smear image is reviewed to evaluate the RBC and platelet morphology and to estimate a platelet count in a manner similar to using a manual microscope.
0 or greater there can be confidence that activated B-lymphocytes are present in the peripheral blood.
The IL-4 level in the umbilical blood in newborns of mothers with intrauterine infections did not differ from the level in peripheral blood serum of healthy newborns.
Control peripheral blood was obtained randomly from 32 healthy volunteers in the city of Merida.
By 2 months after treatment, there was no difference between the treated animals and controls, in other studies, mice whose bone marrow was destroyed with chemotherapeutic agents were injected with peripheral blood from transgenic animals with germline cells expressing green fluorescent protein.
Acute caffeine intake raises central but not peripheral blood pressure in healthy people who drink coffee regularly, said Dr.
Interferon-[alpha] (IFN-[alpha] generation by peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) responding in vitro to HSV was first found to be deficient in patients with severe ulcerative herpes simplex virus (HSV) infections early in the AIDS epidemic.
Our laboratory and others have demonstrated the presence of microchimeric cells in the peripheral blood of nonpregnant patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc) (1-4).
tuberculosis derived arabinomannan, in cultures of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from patients with HIV infection.

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