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A case of disseminated histoplasmosis detected in peripheral blood smear staining revealing AIDS at terminal phase in female patient from Cameroon.
The low haptoglobin level in this patient suggests the possibility of hemolysis, although no significant schistocytes were seen on the peripheral blood smear (Figure 2).
1,2] Peripheral blood smear review was regarded as a minimum essential additional test.
MFS was a one day survey in which all households in the study area visited by health worker and peripheral blood smear of all fever cases was made.
For the 9 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of APL, 6 bone marrow and 3 peripheral blood smears were stained with the TRITC-labeled PG-M3 antibody (Figure 2, A, B).
The presence of schistocytes or "shift" reticulocytes in a peripheral blood smear could have pointed to in vivo hemolysis.
Microscopic examination of the peripheral blood smear revealed a significant leucopenia, despite contradicting automated counts.
The peripheral blood smear presents with a leukoerythroblastic picture, which includes teardrop RBCs, poikilocytosis, anisocytosis, nucleated red blood cells, and immature myeloid cells.
A peripheral blood smear revealed a normal myeloid lineage with small to medium size lymphocytes.
The gold standard for the diagnosis of malaria is the Giemsa staining of the peripheral blood smear.
Peripheral blood smear revealed 68% of neutrophils, 27% of lymphocytes, 3% of monocytes of, 1 % of basophiles and 1% of eosinophils.
Prior to initiation of Nplate examine the peripheral blood smear closely to establish a baseline level of cellular morphologic abnormalities.

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