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With the advent of powerful PCs, productivity-minded accountants quickly added peripherals such as CD-ROMs, tape backup drives, additional hard drives, fax-modems and scanners to their machines.
As the worldwide leader in high-performance input devices for the quickly growing field of motion control, Razer Pro|Solutions are precision instruments built to last, and to deliver increased productivity, control and precision to professional users that demand the best from their electronic peripherals.
And the enhancements to the OS have provided Logitech with a significant opportunity to do what we do best - design innovative peripherals that are closely integrated with and elevate the value of the OS.
NYSE:CY) today introduced a new architecture for dedicated peripheral controllers that serve as functional bridges to rapidly evolving interface standards and provide high-performance, optimized data paths for a wide range of embedded applications.
Razer(TM) designs, engineers and markets cutting-edge gaming peripherals that provide professional computer gamers with the competitive edge through a combination of technology, innovation and design.
As we looked at the way USB was being implemented in consumer devices, it became clear that users would face situations where constellations of peripherals, such as printers, MP3 players, external storage devices, PVRs, and so on, would be connected to a host device, but there was no simple way of sharing them," said Steve Nelson, Vice President of Marketing - Connectivity Solutions at SMSC.
NYSE:CY) today announced a new feature for its WirelessUSB(TM) radio-on-a-chip devices that instantly wakes a peripheral from sleep mode when a user touches the device.
A complicated, inconvenient method for binding a wireless peripheral with the host defeats the purpose of owning a wireless device in the first place," said Brian O'Rourke, senior analyst at market research firm In-Stat.
TransDimension offers extensive IC solutions including its latest device offerings: the TD1120, the first single-chip USB OTG high-speed peripheral and full-speed host controller; and the TD6100, the market's first USB full-speed OTG transceiver with an integrated high-current charge pump.
Available immediately, the Flic Bluetooth bar code scanner and application interface from Infinite Peripherals is expected to enable powerful field force solutions using BlackBerry Handhelds.
A continued shift toward multifunction peripherals (MFPs)