Perishable goods

PERISHABLE GOODS, Goods which are lessened in value and become worse by being kept. Vide Bona Peritura.

References in classic literature ?
She believed in him as an excellent man whose piety carried a peculiar eminence in belonging to a layman, whose influence had turned her own mind toward seriousness, and whose share of perishable good had been the means of raising her own position.
KARACHI -- The clearance of perishable goods at ports has slowed down threatening their expiry period after the National Food Security and Research's State Minister Syed Ayaz Ali Shah Sherazi directed the staff of Plant Protection and Quarantine Department (PPQD) not to work beyond the official hours and also allowed Saturday as a weekly holiday.
Miami Airport being the largest in the US and ranked 10th in the international cargo market, stands out for its capacity of handling perishable goods supply chain, which represents 47 per cent of the international transit cargo, offering high-end infrastructure.
Leveraging Intel technology for logistics, the new Connected Freight solution gives logistics companies the ability to monitor shipments of high-value and perishable goods to prevent damage and loss.
The, circular, is based on a ministerial decree, included reducing the duration of goods left, at the customs outlets, to 15 days for perishable goods and 30 days for other goods.
The terminal will help in early clearance of perishable goods thus facilitating the business community.
However, shipping and transporting of perishable goods such as food, biological materials (blood), and hazardous products (bacterial and fungal items) are quite different from shipping inert, nonperishable goods.
Maersk is working with ATandT to track and monitor the condition of refrigerated containers with perishable goods.
Catharines, Ontario-based bluenica, a company focused on temperature monitoring of perishable goods in the food industry, Digi said.
PESHAWAR -- Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has removed the condition of payment in foreign exchange (US dollars) and allowed to pay in local currency on export of perishable goods from Pakistan to Afghanistan.
FEARS that perishable goods arriving at Khalifa Bin Salman Port could spoil due to delays clearing customs have been allayed.
However, this does not apply to perishable goods, personalised items, CDs or DVDs.