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This meeting was also extremely fruitful because epileptic disorders in children that go unchecked cause mental retardation and mostly permanent brain damage. The Pediatric neurologists present included Dr.
THE mother of a man left with permanent brain damage has called on his attackers to give themselves up.
2 ( ANI ): Warner Bros has reportedly stopped paying the medical bills of Ed Helms' stunt double Scott McLean, who has permanent brain damage and ongoing seizures after his head was smashed during a badly timed stunt involving an oncoming vehicle in 'The Hangover Part II.'
"Apart from the frightening prospect of permanent brain damage, there are other compelling reasons for making the early detection and treatment of psychosis a public health priority--first and foremost, the fact that untreated psychosis damages lives," Lieberman and Wayne S.
She went into cardiac arrest and suffered permanent brain damage after being without a pulse for 15 minutes.
Ian Pople, the consultant neurosurgeon who operated, said she had been "extremely lucky" as other people who suffered similar injuries had died or suffered permanent brain damage.
He was in a coma for a week and, at first, doctors feared he would suffer permanent brain damage. But, after several days in intensive care on a life support, machine, he has stunned doctors with his recovery.
My discontent is caused by mounting evidence that playing football causes permanent brain damage.
All these products affect the brain causing permanent brain damage. They are lipid solvents that dissolve the white matter of the brain.
The result, as this documentary showed, was permanent brain damage following a five-week coma.
"There is strong evidence that worldwide, as many as one in 500 children who catch measles will die, and another one in 500 will suffer permanent brain damage.
players have already shown a rink between concussions and permanent brain damage, but the N.F.L.

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