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DEACON, Eccl. law. A minister or servant in the church whose office, in some churches, is to assist the priest in divine service, and the distribution of the sacrament.

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As permanent deacons and candidates, we minister with our personal characteristics and lifestyles.
Delisle, a spokesman for the Diocese of Worcester, said permanent deacons are clerics who perform a variety of functions including preaching, assisting the priest at Mass, administering the sacrament of baptism, presiding over funerals and burials, distributing Communion, acting as witnesses at weddings, and exercising certain ecclesiastical offices, as well as taking on administrative and parish duties.
The others will ordained permanent deacons and will be assigned ministerial duties at the parish level.
It is served by sixty-one diocesan priests, twenty-three priests of religious communities, 111 sisters and brothers and eighteen permanent deacons.
Permanent deacons, who may be seculars or religious, are foremost the ministers of charity.
Peter Jones, Peter Lavery, Frank O'Neill and Vincent Purcell were ordained permanent deacons by Rt Rev Kevin Dunn, Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle, at St Mary's Cathedral in Newcastle on Saturday.
And next weekend the bishop [correct] will revive an ancient diaconate tradition, when he ordains four permanent deacons.
In addition to what it perceived as a Marxist orientation to indigenous theology, the Vatican was concerned about other practices that had evolved in the diocese of San Cristobal, such as allowing permanent deacons, who were married, to perform duties reserved for a priest.
FOUR men were ordained as permanent deacons at the Metropolitan RC Cathedral on Sunday by the Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool, the Reverend Thomas Williams.
1) The order of service for the ordination of deacons in the CNI Book of Worship already provides for the ordination of deacons for life, or permanent deacons.
Already within the Catholic Church in the west, there are married clergy, for example, permanent deacons who give fine service.

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