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DEACON, Eccl. law. A minister or servant in the church whose office, in some churches, is to assist the priest in divine service, and the distribution of the sacrament.

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Investigation of the lived experiences of the permanent deacon in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie, PA.
National Directory for the Formation, Ministry, and Life of the Permanent Deacon in the United States (2005).
Towards the end of the mass, the Bishop introduced Deacon Bernard Morgan, recently ordained as a permanent deacon for the diocese and said he had asked Bernard to work with the parishes in Redcar to assist and support its priests and communities.
draws on New Testament notions of diakonia to illuminate the developing role of the permanent deacon (chap.
I was approached by my parish priest and asked if I would like to become a permanent deacon.
Nine years ago, he became a permanent deacon in the Catholic Church.
Mercardante is permanent deacon in the Catholic Church and a member of the Finance Council for the Diocese of San Diego.
By contrast, Poland did not ordain its first permanent deacon until 2003, and India not until 2006.
Another challenge is to help Hispanics who complete diocesan formation programs transition to parish and diocesan leadership responsibilities, and even develop pathways for them to embrace other vocations such as professional lay minister or permanent deacon.
Augustine's Church in Millville and was their Permanent Deacon and Office Manager at the time of his death.
It has some 440,000 Catholics in 90 parishes with 189 diocesan and religious priests, 143 sisters and brothers and one permanent deacon.

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